Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Joys of pre teenage drama    


My daughter has this friend that does not have any parents. Long story short, she is being raised by her older sister. I can only imagine what this child feels on a daily basis. However her behavior is just atrocious. She has in past texted Zoe's friends saying that Zoe hates them or that Zoe thinks they are ugly. For one reason or another we worked past all that. Now, comes new drama into the arena. She logged onto Zoe's facebook and told another one of Zoe's friends via chat that they were a loser. Thank goodness the girl was smart enough to realize that it was not Zoe. She quickly called Zoe and came running over (she lives right across the street). Now I try to find humor on a daily basis here. However, this time I cannot find any and find myself very angry at this girl. Despite her issues, respecting personal boundaries and friendship is extremely important. She seems to not be able to do either. She is on Zoe's cheering squad so I have instructed Zoe to not bring drama onto the mat. That she is to be civil at practice, and no longer hang out with her at home. I have no idea what to expect at this point from this girl, other than she cannot be trusted at all, and that her sister who is ten years younger than me has her work cut out for her.